PEAK: How Great Companies Get their Mojo from Maslow by Chip Conley This is the 10th anniversary edition of PEAK. Chip Conley is the founder and former CEO of one of the world’s largest boutique hotel companies, turned to psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs at a time when his company was in dire need.30

I recently did a live Q&A with Dave Asprey on his book, Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster—in Just Two Weeks. Aside from being a friend of mine, Dave is also a pioneer in the health and fitness world and has created one of the30

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Kotler for the Maverick Book Club.   We spoke about his newest book, “Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work”. This conversation literally blew my mind, as we discussed the origin of altered “flow” states,30

This might be a little strange, but have you ever felt like you’re destined for greatness? Not in an egotistical type of way — but simply in a quiet knowing way that you’ve been tapped to contribute something more. If so, this tight 15-minute presentation can help you create your ultimate VISION of greatness that30

Dropping out of pharmacy school, Marc Ecko, declared his future. Without connections or any type of leverage – he used old-fashioned hustle and talent to build an iconic brand hitting over $1B in sales. Marc’s bio would identify him as an American fashion designer, entrepreneur, investor and artist but really here’s his description: My name30

The other day, Maverick1000 members were asking about book recommendations on our private forum. I typically read 1-2 books per week (minimum) so this forced me to sort out some top recommendations by category. I’ve always believed your life is changed by the books you read, experiences you create and the people you meet. Think30


 Internet Industry Pioneer, Serial Entrepreneur and NHL Washington Capitals team Owner Ted Leonsis reveals… Most people have it completely backwards… We think if we can just be successful in business, we’ll be happy. But all too often we see this isn’t the case — AT ALL. There are plenty of miserable rich people — you30

For the brand new opening of the Maverick MBA blog – I couldn’t think of a better way to start this off than with one of my personal heroes, Sir Richard Branson. This meaty video was shot on Sir Richard’s private island, Necker, with my good friends, Joe Polish and Marie Forleo. Certainly my biggest30