The other day, Maverick1000 members were asking about book recommendations on our private forum. I typically read 1-2 books per week (minimum) so this forced me to sort out some top recommendations by category.

I’ve always believed your life is changed by the books you read, experiences you create and the people you meet.

Think of this as the start of your Maverick MBA with 6 of the most important categories for evolved enterprises and impactful entrepreneurs in the 21st century.

1) Success Thinking/Foundation

2) Marketing & Sales

3) Strategic Thinking & Innovation

4) Operations/Systems

5) 21st Century Orgs & Modern Entrepreneurship

6) Action & Productivity

* * *

My team ended up posting this list twice on 2 different blogs so to keep everything in one and  get the full list head over here to my personal blog…(plus there are a few more posts you might find intriguing)


7 thoughts on “66 Must-read books for Impactful Entrepreneurs

  1. Really enjoyed the list. I’m glad to say I have read at least half the books. By the way #57 was one of the best. I have had to order three because people won’t give them back.

  2. What a great idea to compile this list. I have been asked by coaching clients and team members for lists of must read books to be better read and informed which I have shared, but I have never before compiled a list like this.

    Like another post stated I too am glad to say that I have read more than half and probably 3/4 of the titles you have listed. However, in my opinion, there are titles on here that do not belong in a list with the others. The expertise in some of them was shallow, limited, and not necessarilly expert. However, the mos relavant point to say is there are books not on this list which deserve to be there.

    Most notably are the top 2 which come to mind:
    -Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander (which completely changed my business mindset when I reread it the 2nd time.) I have since read it maybe 5 or 6 times.
    -T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of The Millionaire Mind. One of the best books I have read several times.
    The Millionaire Next Door, and, The Winner Within by Pat Riley.

    Of course, Think and Grow Rich, Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, and some other greats are missing. But all in all, it’s a good list.
    Though I will say that it can be seen as somewhat miopic in its scope, focusing mostly on niche topics of marketing and innovation. I would have thought that a book or two on philosophy might have made the cut? But Yanik, you are a legend and a master at disseminating information.

    Happy New Year! May 2014 be the best year ever and exceed ll our expectations!
    Michael J. Herman

    • Yanik Silver says:

      Thanks for the comment. Will check out Rhinoceros Success, have not heard of that one. For Think & Grow Rich, I actually like his original Laws of Success work even better.

  3. Hello Yanik,

    how are you doing ?

    Great list of books, you forgot to include ‘autoresponder magic’ in that list, lol.

    Yanik, which of the James Bond films of yours is your fav?

    Yanik, do you have any new year resolutions 2014?

    and Yanik…. do you remember one of your emails (which I got years ago), where you told a story that you met somebody (on a bus or train i think) and told them that in your college/uni course , that on that course that you ‘did not’ learn that much about marketing,…..but you infact actually learned more about marketing while actually doing internet marketing?

    Do you remember that email ?

    Hope you and your family are doing well.

    Matt Morgan

    • Matt – check out, I posted about New Year’s resolutions there. For Bond films – I’m partial to the newer Casino Royale. I think that reinvigorated the franchise.

  4. Wow, you read 1-2 books a week? Very impressive! Thanks for sharing your recommendations — it can be hard to know where to start with these things.

  5. One to two books a week was part of my six month commitment which expires on April 12th. Sadly, I failed miserably. Though in the process I was able to start a successful business that provides me with internal pleasure and assist others in the fashion industry.

    I will take note of your suggestions and follow up when completed.

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