Our Maverick friend, Ari Weinzweig from Zingermans, introduced me to this incredible book that would have otherwise slipped my notice. Here’s what Ari said about it: “If you’re looking for help in making your work and life more meaningful, Shawn’s book is a must read. If you’re already flourishing and feeling grounded in how your30

Join us in making a real difference Charity:water started a new monthly program called “The Spring” where you support people each month providing them clean water. (Obviously a smart way of getting regular support without continually fundraising.) At the 32:06 point in the interview, I promised Scott we’d join the Spring and support 1,000 people30

Join us for this exclusive Q&A with Joey Coleman on how to ‘Never Lose a Customer Again’. While new customers experience joy, euphoria, and excitement, these feelings quickly shift to fear, doubt, and uncertainty as buyer’s remorse sets in. Across all industries, somewhere between 20%-70% of newly acquired customers will stop doing business with a30

Join us for this exclusive Q&A with Sandra Joseph on ‘Unmasking What Matters.’ After ten years on Broadway, Sandra Joseph—the longest-running leading lady in Broadway’s longest-running show, The Phantom of the Opera—is the perfect person to discuss unmasking your true self. This notion of what “mask” you wear and who your authentic self is, is30