Join us in making a real difference

Charity:water started a new monthly program called “The Spring” where you support people each month providing them clean water. (Obviously a smart way of getting regular support without continually fundraising.)

At the 32:06 point in the interview, I promised Scott we’d join the Spring and support 1,000 people to receive clean water each month.

The alignment sounded really good, 1,000 people…1,000 points of impact… Maverick1000. You get it, right?

But I screwed up…

You see, I missed one zero when I made the calculation. Ha! 😉

The real number would actually put a big dent in the impact fund so I need your help. But I really want to fulfill on that promise to Scott. So if you’re inspired by Charity:Water let’s get 1,000 people clean water each month.

Maverick is pledging for the first 100 people per month and our Maverick members are also contributing to get there but I feel like we can really shatter 1,000! Whatever you feel compelled to contribute makes a big difference.

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