On the heels of my last post – I thought this was a good follow-up. Last year over the July 4th weekend, we held our first-ever Maverick Family Freedom event. It’s the first time ever Maverick families came together for a long weekend combining totally unique experiences and activities with business sessions for the children30

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 Internet Industry Pioneer, Serial Entrepreneur and NHL Washington Capitals team Owner Ted Leonsis reveals… Most people have it completely backwards… We think if we can just be successful in business, we’ll be happy. But all too often we see this isn’t the case — AT ALL. There are plenty of miserable rich people — you30

For the brand new opening of the Maverick MBA blog – I couldn’t think of a better way to start this off than with one of my personal heroes, Sir Richard Branson. This meaty video was shot on Sir Richard’s private island, Necker, with my good friends, Joe Polish and Marie Forleo. Certainly my biggest30