Today, I want to take you on a little bit of a journey back and look at pretty much a decade of the Underground Online Seminar® as we get ready to celebrate what’s going to be our 10th Anniversary.

You’ll hear a little bit of how it got started, some really behind the scenes stuff you’ve probably never heard before and some of my best memories and experiences.

Very few people even know the tragic event that caused me to almost cancel the very first Underground, the celebrity speaker who choked me out and a few other crazy stories.

Instead of making a huge blog post I decided to shoot a little video for you. Take a look….

So, there you have it – some of my biggest and best memories and experiences…

Free Ticket?

Since this is going to be the biggest and baddest 10th year anniversary – I want to do something special.

What I’d like to do is give you an opportunity to win a free ticket to the 2014 Underground® X Online Seminar simply by sharing below in the comment section what you best memory was from any previous Underground that you attended.

Or if you’ve never attended the Underground® then tell me what you think would be the biggest memory if you were to attend.

That’s it.

Write your response in the comments below by November 25th and on Thanksgiving, AJ and I will pick the winner who’ll receive a free ticket to the 2014 Underground® X Online Seminar in New Orleans.

Looking forward to hearing all your stories!


23 thoughts on “Looking Back At Nearly A Decade Of Underground

  1. Jeff Minderlein says:

    I attended Undergound 8 and was truly inspired by the amazing energy everyone brought to the event. With zero experience in Internet Marketing this was my first choice of events to get motivated and educated and I was extremely impressed and left on fire with motivation. My best memory and the one that provided the most inspiration was from Robert Hirsch and his talk about how we need to truly give back to the younger generation and provide them with better entrepreneurial education as they basically receive none within our society. His talk inspired me to become a successful internet marketer with the end goal of being in a position where I can give forward and help younger people become successful entrepreneurs and achieve their dreams. It’s taken awhile but I’m excited to say that I submit my first app to Apple and Android today and I’m waiting for approval so I can put my marketing machine to work generating sales of my private label app. Once this is launched I have 3 additional private label apps in development and intend to maximize this model with everything I’ve learned from you (and Craig B, Matt S, Michael M, Chad M and everyone else that gives so much) so that I’m in a position to give forward and maybe, just maybe, earn the right to tell my story at a future Underground and give what I can forward.

    Thanks to you and your team for everything you do!!!

    P.S. Once I’m launched and have conversion numbers for my private label app I’ll give you an update on the model and the numbers so you can see first hand how much you’ve contributed to my success.

    Jeff Minderlein

  2. I had attended underground with my two sisters Zanna and Zynnia. At that event I learned some of the most valuable lessons and made some of the most incredible connections. I believe everyone involved went above and beyond to provide an incredibly memorable moment in our lives.
    I feel that Underground brought my family closer together as a working unit, and has opened doors that would have otherwise been shut.
    Two years later, I still greatly value the memorable moments and now wish to share them with my beautiful girlfriend, with whom I currently live with in LA California.
    I feel that we need a boost of ambition and a swift kick to the ass, seeing as I’ve gotten rather comfortable where I am now! Plus it would be amazing to see my good friends and meet new awesome people!

  3. I’ve heard incredible things about the underground, so I’ve been saving up to make sure I’m a part of it this year… For the first time!

    I’m really excited to meet other people who are walking the walk and talking the talk, successfully living the life I am trying to create for myself.

    I’m also looking forward to trying to add value and help other people succeed in anyway I can.

    And probably the memory I’m most excited about is building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with other kind, like-minded people. The only way to top all of these experiences and awesome memories, would be if I got my ticket for free!!


  4. Ashley D Leaver says:

    I’ve not attended yet, but I will. I’ve heard over the past few years many positive references to The Underground from respected entrepreneurs. Whilst working full time and raising a family, I’m learning business and internet marketing, ensuring I study every day. The reason I’d like to attend in 2014 is to accelerate my learning and discover the shortcuts and methodologies which really work, and especially to network with those who are actually living and working as I wish to live – not only for mine/my family’s benefit, but to be able to pass it on, to be able to contribute more outside myself, to others, to my community, and to be able to do my bit to make the world a better place. Whether, it’s this year or another, I look forward to seeing you there.

  5. My favorite memory would be pissing myself in excitement about getting to attend the Underground Online 10 Seminar! My first Underground event.

  6. Though I have not been to an Underground event, I have heard from past attendees that the environment is epic. Thought info marketing is not my industry, the principles taught from stage would be applicable to our industry!

  7. Yanik- While I have not been to the Underground in person I have bought two years of the programs. The talks and the power point handouts were a wealth of cutting edge information and inspiring stories. I was inspired by all the speakers as I listened to the audio in the car on my to the job as a Section 8 housing inspector in a economically challenged area of Chicago.That was the other motivating factor to escape my career.
    Like everyone, I would love the chance to win a free ticket. I want to use the education to expand my business and show people that it’s never too late to be what you might have been. I want to be a successful marketer to prove that the United States is still the best place to build your dream. I’m tired of the apathy I see. Being over forty it’s important to show people that you can teach an old dog new tricks and never too late to be what you might have been. .
    P.S. I also learned from your blog to pay it forward. I sent my Underground material to a young internet marketer in England as he was just starting out.

  8. I attended Underground for the first time last year, and what impressed me most were some of the incredibly inspiring stories I heard from entrepreneurs who had dealt with significant personal challenges and overcome them to become true successes, both in business and in life. That kind of inspiration is motivating for anyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur or consultant or work for a company–it makes you want to be better in everything you do!

  9. I had the distinct pleasure of attending Day 1 last year in Arlington VA. I have to say I was amazed by everything – the speakers, the stage, the attendees, it was truly an incredible event. 2 things that stand out – 1. The hazing of Joey Coleman – the look on his face as his microphone went out, his power point didn’t work, then Cotton Eyed Joe comes on and tons of people flood the stage – it was hilarious! And Joey recovered very well and gave an excellent presentation. 2. I met a Maverick member from Nambia at lunch and I was truly blown away – not only was he selling his successful crabbing business but starting a mushroom business that would create a huge number of jobs in his country where unemployment is at tremendous numbers, has pharmaceutical capabilities and the ability to pay members of the community to utilize their land to grow more mushrooms. I’m not doing the business justice but I can tell you I was amazed by his idea, his passion and his desire to help others. And then I heard about his nonprofit to help African penguins. Needless to say it made me want to think bigger. Truly an amazing person. I learned something from each speaker that I was able to implement the next day.

    This year I will unfortunately not be able to attend the event in person as I’ll have an infant who will be way too young to be without mommy for several days. But for those of you looking through these comments to decide if you should attend – it’s a combo of entertainment – it’s a ton of fun, the people are truly inspiring and you’ll absolutely learn more than you ever expected.

  10. The best memory I had was of Brendan Buchard’s presentation – I was SOO fired up after attending that talk I went up to my room and on the back of my notepad outlined my entire local marketing business. Brendan helped to plant the seed of massive focused action in me and since then I have launched my company with a business partner and grown it into a successful (and continually growing) business! Thanks Yanik for always bringing in people of top notch caliber.

  11. Anthony Barton says:

    Hi Yanic. I`ve never attended an Underground event before, but I believe the memory I would bring away with me is the energy from all the guest speakers and the shared goal of all the attendees to change there lives.

  12. I attended UG7 hosted by Yanik and Derek Gehl. It was awesome! I learned so much. Most importantly, I made the decision to be true to my business and focus on my main passion – writing. Thus, my publishing website was re-focused and everything that was not focusing on writing and publishing, I got rid of. I am loving my new focus and would LOVE to attend UG 10 in New Orleans! I was also lucky enough to attend Yanik’s MBI day conference in Washington, where my team actually won and car racing challenge and my website was put in the hot seat. What a great experience. My revamped baby sign language ebook is now a bestseller on Kindle (totally in line with my new focus on publishing). Thanks so much Yanik! I look forward to learning all I can learn at UG10!

  13. James Klobasa says:

    Well, as I haven’t attended… I’d have to say meeting yourself, the other speakers and attendee’s…
    I’m the most offline, online guy you’ll meet…but it’s events like this that have changed mine, and my clients worlds.

    As one of JW’s trained launch managers, sitting behind the scenes and making others famous is awesome…but I do love going to events. The energy and mindset of them is what keeps me pushing for my clients…

    Thanks… JK 🙂
    Say G’day to AJ for me.

  14. I’ve never attended but have been following your work for years. I’m re-starting a business and would love to attend to get your expertise. I’ve heard clips of past seminars and they seem like the best out there and also own your copywriting seminar which I’ve had good results with.

  15. Steve Lobsinger says:

    I remember when I was struck by an “ah-ha” moment that changed my business from “just starting out” to a $30 million juggernaut.

    Oh, wait, that hasn’t happened. Yet….

    Looking forward to attending for the first time if I’m lucky enough to win the free ticket.

  16. I’ve never been, but I’ve met some of the presenters and I have no doubt that I’d have the time of my life. It’s hard to find ‘like minded’ people when you do what we do, so events like this that bring online marketers and ‘maverick’ business people together are vitally important to feeling connected to your community and growing the connections you need.

    I hope you select me to be your guest attendee, I know i’ll make the most out of it 🙂

  17. I’m excited about the possibility of going to your event.
    The first time I saw you live was in LA at a Dan Kennedy’s event years ago.
    I used to listen and read what you had to say, and thinking how smart and clever what you were doing was.
    I’d love to be there and I hope that you choose me. I breathe and live marketing and web.

  18. Tom Brownsword says:

    My favorite memory? Has to have been Eric Holmlund “taking one for the team” during the scavenger hunt (GoGame, was it?) at the 2008 event (would that have been Underground 4?). I won’t say who did it, but in order to do what we had to do, he allowed “someone” to dunk his head in a public fountain of questionable cleanliness. Thankfully he’s still alive (and apparently none the worse for wear), so I can only assume he’s built up a resistance to parasites and the like. Thankfully; I’d hate to be an accessory to a premature demise due to an Underground seminar, even if our team did win (and my son got a cool Nerf gun out of the deal)! 🙂

    Lots of fun, met some great people — and oh, yeah, I might have learned something while I was there…

  19. I haven’t attended any Underground event, but I’ve been to something that I feel is similar.

    Just a few months ago, I was one of the young entrepreneurs to be invited to the prestigious Blacksmith Camp held by Simon Black and Craig Ballantyne.

    By the way, only 50 entrepreneurs were selected. 1,923 people applied. The success rate is less than Harvard’s.

    The best moments at Blacksmith Camp were actually surprising. It wasn’t what I thought it’d be.

    I thought the lectures would be awesome. But really, I was nearly half asleep during most of them. It wasn’t because the speakers weren’t any good; they truly were amazing. They were people I followed and looked up to for years online.

    But the reason why I was half asleep was because I was spending nearly every possible waking hour with all the invited young entrepreneurs there.

    It was cool to, for once, feel completely “at sync” with everybody around me. For once, I didn’t feel a bit uncomfortable or like a weirdo. Maybe it’s because we were all considered “weird”. I like to tell myself we were all just extremely growth-oriented.

    Working out with each other, talking about health habits, talking about marketing, spiritual practices, and all these other deep conversations were the best feeling ever.

    The relationships (business and personal) were the best thing I’ve actually ever experienced.

    I know that at this year’s Underground event, the speakers will be amazing. I’ll learn new things and relearn important lessons I may have forgotten.

    But I know that the best experiences I’ll have are getting to know and befriend the other attendees.

    And that’s what I’m looking forward to when I get a chance to attend this year.

    Thanks Yanik,


  20. Angela Saunders says:

    ngela Saunders – London, England

    I attended one of the first Underground events in Washington and I still use the Black and Silver computer bag which all attendees received.

    My favourite memory was the 007 Dinner where Special Agents delivered such interesting and factual short talks that made you feel that you were part of something very special. The food was good, drink was flowing, but the contacts and the insider information was the most valuable. I still refer to my manuals which I built up from the handouts and notes that I made speaker by speaker, and the Ring Binder folders supplied by yourselves stand pride of place on my office shelves.

    Congratulations on your Ten Years of delivering the very best of speakers and information. I would love to be there in New Orleans to share this event with you. Best wishes from the UK. Angela

  21. emenne ifeanyi says:

    I have been following everything about yanik silver for more than three years after I stumbled across him in I have downloaded everything downloadable about him, his teleconferences, his books ( which has inspired me to write mine which has been doing very well in Nigeria and on amazon ( cashflow strategy: how to convert your ideas to cash) I have watched the ZAPPOS ceo talk in the underground seminar.
    I really would love to attend the seminar especially the online version becuase I am based in Nigeria. I just travelled to the country side and was inspired with an amazing but unbelieveably neglect need that needs just a website that is integrated with a map of all the major highways in Nigeria. I was so stunned by the simplicity of the idea that I am even scared to just think about it. I believe that the UNDERGROUND SEMINAR can help me wrapp my mind around a simple idea that has a potential to generate $100,000,000.00. ( I cant believe I am even thinking about the idea but I am meeting a business school prof over here to help me understand why no one has thought about the idea.


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