What’s it take to build a tiny 4 person upstart and grow it to a community of 8 interconnected businesses with 600+ employees doing over $45 million?

Perhaps some business savvy, quality execution and marketing skills…but the real ‘secret’ is something else altogether…

According to Ari Weinzweig, CEO and co-founding partner of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, the biggest breakthroughs on his journey started when he focused internally on managing himself better and consciously tapping his inner compass.

As a leader, your actions and behaviors radiate out and determine the culture of your organization.

In this exclusive interview, Ari will share some of his personal “unconventional secrets” to self management, self-awareness and creativity that’s taken him over 30 years to develop:

You’ll discover:

  • 12 unconventional techniques to managing yourself with greater effectiveness.
  • A real roadmap to “personal visioning” (understanding this skill takes what’s in your head and make it a vivid picture for everyone else to make ‘real’).
  • One simple thing that has exponentially catapulted Ari’s personal growth in the recent years (even after 30 years of personal development work).
  • A proven way to put an end to perpetual worrying and rumination.
  • Ari’s mentals tricks for getting past “limiting beliefs and “blocking thoughts”.
  • Why developing creativity actually goes in complete REVERSE to how you normally learn new skills. (And what you can do to increase your creativity levels immediately after the call.)
  • How to bring out the maximum creativity of all your employees and talent to naturally flourish.
  • How Ari prevents “burnout” and the ‘always on’ syndrome even while running 8 separate businesses & more…

Don’t worry — there’s nothing to buy though I absolutely recommend Ari’s new book “A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach To Managing Ourselves”. I think you’re silly if you don’t add this to your library before or after the call! (Personally, Ari’s first book in his 3-part series of ‘Lapsed Anarchist’s guides’ is one of my absolute favorite books all of time.You can pick up copies at Zingtrain.com)

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