Let’s face it, today more than ever we are bombarded with messages about how ‘bad’ things are. Whether it’s the economy falling off a cliff, global resource being depleted or even the possibility of the Mayans being right about the end of the world.

It’s enough to make you want to either dig your head in the sand or go build a bulletproof bunker in the middle of Montana.

Quite frankly, it’s easy to think things are getting worse and combined with a rising global population – you might even believe things are going to continue getting worse.

But I don’t think so….

In fact, I believe we are on the cusp of using new technology to help create a world of abundance and growth. And this is not some rose-colored “Pollyanish” view.

There’s a very real switch in the heads of most people from scarcity-minded to abundance minded. You can’t be both.

We had a long discussion about this in my last Strategic Coach session with Dan Sullivan. (btw – if you’re a high growth oriented entrepreneur you must check out Dan’s new 10x program. Very powerful! I cannot recommend it enough.)

Dan created a matrix that showed the major differences between the Scarcity minded and Abundance minded world view. (I bet as you read this you can certainly pick out people in your life who fall on either side.)

For Scarcity minded individuals the world is getting worse. We are running out resources and the more individuals added the worse it gets (ie. the more people we add to the planet the quicker we use up the natural resources.)

On the flip side for Abundance minded individuals, their world view is expressed that everything important is actually being expanded because of capabilities to make it easier, faster, cheaper, etc. (Think the leverage and exponential abundance created by the microchip.)

Inside the different world views there are more specific aspects. For instance there are ‘Zero-Sum’ people and there are ‘Exponentials’. The Zero-Sum world view is that there is only so much to go around and I get mine by taking away from you. The Exponentials are the ones out to make a bigger pie. There are people who fundamentally believe the world is Unfair. They believe resources are distributed to a select few and need to be redistributed. While others on the flip side believe in Opportunity, that individuals can actually contribute value based on their unique talents and abilities to create a better future.

Then if you look at the 10x Matrix you see each world view also brings with it very telling behavior. On the Scarcity minded side it results in Resentfulness with Envy, Guilt and Indignation coloring your actions. On the right side of the matrix the behavior is Resourcefulness if you have the Abundance mentality. That behavior is characterized by Gratitude, Creativity and Cooperation.

There’s no contest in my eyes on how I’d rather live.

And the interesting thing is focusing on a feeling of gratitude essentially precludes envy. It’s just not possible to be feeling gratitude and envy at the same time. One of my favorite exercises is writing in my journal about all the things I’m grateful for. It seems trivial but it really opens up this upward spiral of positiveness. (Click to read more about the power of journaling.)

Our own emotional state has a big deal to do with how we show up as leaders in our business or personal lives. My friend Chip Conley’s new book “Emotional Equations” fits in our discussion.

Chip is the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, which he grew into America’s second largest boutique hotel company. His previous book PEAK was absolutely amazing and it was all about how to get your organization and customers more self-actualized. (I did an exclusive interview with Chip you can check out here.)

We had Chip present to the Maverick1000 members at our last M3 Summit on his newest material all about yourself and dealing with your internal emotions. I think that goes hand-in-hand with creating a more abundant world view. Chip had worked on these ‘equations’ for emotions like joy or anxiety or jealously.

For instance, Jealously = Mistrust / Self-esteem

Mistrust divided by self-esteem = jealously.

So there are 2 ways of reducing the jealously factor, first it means the bigger and more expanded your sense of self-worth and self esteem the less jealously you’ll feel. That’s the denominator (bottom of the equation) and weighs heavily in how jealously shows up. Chip mentions a Psychology Today survey that found people whose responses indicated a high degree of jealously tended to show these characteristics: 1) low opinion of themselves; 2) saw a large discrepancy between how they really are and what they would ideally like to be.

On the other side of the equation is mistrust and the more someone is mistrusting of the world – the more jealously will crop up in their behavior.

There are many other self-evident and universally true equations Chip showcases in this book. Here are a few poignant ones:

  • Anxiety = Uncertainty x Powerlessness
  • Happiness = Wanting What you Have / Having What You Want
  • Joy = Love – Fear
  • Flow = Skill / Challenge

Chip was kind enough to give me a study guide you can download you can download so you can see a little deeper how the Emotional Equations work. I strongly recommend you pick up the book.


One of my favorite new books that got me really thinking about this discussion on Abundance is a book by that exact title, Abundance, by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

Our Maverick1000 group has also been privileged to have Peter come in 2 years ago before our zero-gravity flight to talk about the innovative work he was doing. Peter is one of the people I really look up to as the CEO of the X Prize Foundation and co-founder and chairman of Singularity University. I’ll always be grateful to Peter for helping spur the commercial space industry with the Ansari X-Prize, which provided $10M for the first ship that could go into space twice in one week. The winner was Burt Rutan’s Spaceship One – now being commercially produced by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

Peter and Steven’s new book has the audacity to claim we’ll be able to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman and child on this planet in the upcoming future. It’s a pretty bold (and very contrarian) perspective that’s backed by several convergences. Yes, I’m an optimist but also a realist looking for facts and research and this book provides evidence for why the future will be much better than you think.

Combined together Abundance cites, exponential technology, technophilantrophists (think Gates foundation), the DIY innovator and the rising billions as catalysts for this positive change.

How? Abundance outlines the fundamental reasons why innovations and breakthroughs WILL occur. The answer Curiosity, Fear, Greed and Significance.

  1. Curiosity – This is the desire to find out why and drives much of science (according to the book – the weakest of the bunch).
  2. Fear – Extraordinary fear enables extraordinary risk-taking. The example cited in the book is about the U.S’s response to the Soviet space programs success.
  3. Wealth – There’s surely a whole lot of money to be made from these new technologies and provided exceptional value.
  4. Significance – We cannot underestimate what people will do for their legacy. I think Bill Gates greatest contribution will be his foundation that provides more impact than even Microsoft has.

Want to be blown away? Please click this video below to see Peter’s presentation at Maverick member, Joe Polish’s, Genius Network meeting:

Attendees pay $25,000 per year to be part of Joe’s group and they were so universally moved by the message of Abundance that we banded together to create a promotion campaign for Peter on the spot. The material in this book should be mandatory for anyone to see the full implication of where we are heading and the opportunity to truly create abundance. I love it and lend my full support. You must pick up a copy for yourself and everyone else you want to hear this message.

It’s clear that we are in a time of exponentially growth and development and the more inter-connected we become with the Internet or mobile – the more ideas and frameworks will be collectively developed to solve some of the biggest issues facing our world. I think the people who read, watch and apply the Abundance mentality and message will be the ones leading the charge.

What do you think?

Join The Conversation. Comment below.


27 thoughts on “The Mental Switch to Create Joy, Happiness and Achieve True Greatness

  1. Great article Yanik. I like the chart about scarcity vs. abundance minded. I have a feeling more people think they’re abundance minded than scarcity minded. To me scarcity minded seems like a flaw rather than a strength whereas abundance minded seems like a strength rather than a weakness. I learned about the scarcity mindset in my college course. My professor questioned the notion of who says something is scarce. In my professor’s opinion we are the ones who says something is scarce. In some ways my professor was teaching the abundance mindset! A really great read this post made me think. Thank you for writing this posts!

  2. Yanik,

    I think you’re spot on. I’m buying the book now.

    We’re in one of the most exciting times in human history, and the rate of change is only increasing (exponentially). I think there are going to be some HUGE developments over the next few years.

    I’m only a third of the way through a book called “What Technology Wants”, but it runs along a similar line. If you haven’t read it, get a copy.

    Exciting times!

  3. Great post Yanik!

    The abundant mind-set is so important navigating through life these days. Otherwise, you get caught up in all the anxiety, fear, and darkness that shrouds our ability to think.

    I have to add that “As a Man thinketh” by James Allen is worth studying.

  4. Hey Yanik… keep posting more my fellow Maverick!

    Always thought provoking wisdom from you…

    2 things that really hit home for me regarding Abundance is:

    1) What you focus on expands


    2) You are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that happens
    in your life.

    Keep rocking man… looking forward to seeing you in person in again soon.

    – Ken

  5. Looking forward to the books and will have to check the book store. By the way is your new book out yet? Looking forward to that also. Thanks for all the info.

  6. Yanik,
    So Agree with You. Believe 2012 is a Year of Transformation.
    For 2012 my 3 Words are Curious, Connected Creative.

    What 3 Words will Define You Yanik?

    By the way first saw You on The Rise to the Top with David. WAY Cool Interview!

  7. Great article Yanik, definitely two types of people out there – I just make sure I try to associate more with those that see the opportunities this world brings.

  8. Vision By Ed Moore
    When You See Yourself
    In the Eyes of Others
    You see Good

    When You Find yourself
    In the Eyes of Others
    You see Better

    When You see and Find Yourself
    In the Eyes of All
    You see God

    When You Understand This
    You See Jesus
    this is for Yanik Ed Moore

  9. Humberto Pachon says:

    YANIK excellent, I am a new follower of yours, but I’ve always believed that poverty is on the mind, if you are poor mentally, without vision and unwilling to learn the same goals for the future you will be in the physical and spiritual, thought that everything is very difficult and seeks fast track and the easy life, if you run 80, you will keep poor and frustrated. Thanks to people like you that drive us to achieve our personal goals will move forward and get success.
    excelente YANIK, soy un nuevo seguidor tuyo, pero siempre he creido que la pobreza esta en la mente, si eres pobre mentalmente, sin vision y sin ganas de aprender con metas para el futuro igual seras en lo fisico y lo espiritual, de pensamiento que todo es muy dificil y busca la via rapida y la vida facil, si llegas a los 80 años, seguiras pobre y frustado. Gracias a personas como tu que nos impulsan a lograr nuestras metas personales saldremos adelante y conseguiremos el exito

  10. That’s all nice and fuzzy, but there’s one problem on the equation of abundance “because of capabilities to make it easier, faster, cheaper, etc.” the global population is still growing in spite of all the exponentiality of microchip-based tools, etc… DrHoffm,

  11. Anything that encourages abundance thinking, open mindedness, win-win-win and a positive, healthy attitude is good. No matter how it comes packaged. On that note I always encourage people to go read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles – there’s some great thinking included in that book which you can transfer into your own life… Martin

  12. Hi Yanik.

    Not a lot to say really, except I’m 61 years old and the end video with Peter Diamandis (Which is certainly very long) was without doubt one of the biggest ‘wake-up’ calls I’ve ever had –
    Absolutely Brilliant!!

    (Your E-mail wasn’t bad either {:-) Pete.

  13. Yanik,
    Great stuff just like all of your stuff. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but every since I’ve met you you’ve walk the walk. I will definitely go buy the book, but I read a book that pulled back the curtains on how so many people including myself had a scarcity mindset without even realizing it. Scarcity is a self imposed prison sentence! I’ve been in that prison and the view is not pretty. It’s funny to look back on the rationalization and excuse making that fortified the prison bars. By the way, the title of the book is eluding me as I’m typing this, but the author is Paul Zane Pilzer. Good stuff. As always, Thanks Yanik and if you can remember please tell Olic to give me a shout.
    Keep climbing!
    Thad Winston

  14. Amazing article, thank you. The emotional equations alone here were a huge eye-opener. I just got a bunch of copies of the Abundance book and can’t wait to read it and share it with the most important people in my life.

  15. Rick Carlton says:


    Do you know the definition of the word maverick: an unorthodox or independent-minded person. And yet according to you we humans are either Zero-Sum or Exponentials. You define the world-view of each as if all Zero-Sums hold the same world-view and ditto Exponentials. Does that not go against the whole maverick thing you preach?

    You also postulate Zero-Sums think the world “unfair” but on the flip side you never say exponentials think the world fair. By omitting that word, however, you are in a subtle way implying Exponentials think the world fair.

    Do you think the world is fair?

    Let me begin by saying I know the world is fundamentally unfair. Maybe things will change tomorrow but until they do these are just a few reasons why I know the world is fundamentally unfair. From the dawn of humanity until today the vast majority of human beings were born into poverty, lived in poverty and died in poverty. This year alone 1,000,000 children in Africa will die of malaria. Today a child in North Korea will die of starvation. Etc etc etc…

    Could you look a dying child in the eyes and tell them the world is fundamentally fair? The only way their situation could be fair is if they somehow brought it upon themselves.

    You also say Zero-Sums believe, “The Zero-Sum world view is that there is only so much to go around and I get mine by taking away from you.” To begin with I am not a Zero-Sum and I don’t believe that in any way. I do, however, know for a fact money is unfairly re-distributed all of the time.

    I’m from Miami so I’ll use the new Miami Marlins baseball stadium as an example. Over the life of the loan Miami-Dade county gave them to build the stadium will cost the taxpayers of Miami-Dade county $2,000,000,000.

    That’s right it is costing the taxpayers 2 billion dollars because the stadium was a give away. They are not paying it back. Do you know how the ownership thanked the taxpayers of Miami-Dade county? The owner gave a talk recently and said the voters of Miami, “are not too smart.”

    And yet the streets of down town Miami are littered with human beings sleeping on the streets because “we” don’t have enough money to do anything about it.

    You also go on to define the difference between people who hold feelings of Indignation vs. Cooperation. Why does it have to be all or nothing? I for one completely believe cooperative capitalism is the wave of the future, however, when you say you believe we are seeing bigger and better results for everyone I have to wonder exactly what you are talking about. The income gap in America has never been bigger and is growing. Take the Miami Marlins baseball stadium for example. A handful of greedy rich just had a $2,000,000,000 windfall at the expense of everyone else. How exactly does that bridge the gap?

    As for the jealousy thing, I am not jealous of you. I applaud your success. But I also have to wonder how people of great wealth can justify silly trips into space with such great suffering in the world. Take Haiti for example. Do you know a home can be built there for just $5,000.

    I’m assuming your adventure into space cost minimum $1,000,000. Good for you except for every $1,000,000 of self-indulgence you could have built 200 homes for Haitians who were born into poverty, will live their entire existence in poverty and will die in poverty. I know you probably gave some money for Haitian relief but did you give until it hurts? Clearly you did not because if you had you would not have had enough money to go fly a rocket ship.

    • Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca says:

      Rick, you shared some very interesting ideas here, and definitely offer a fresh counter-point for discussion. Thanks for that, man 🙂

      You mention justification and fairness —
      Do you think human beings have to justify their existence? Do you believe we were each allowed to be born, and then allowed to make choices? Do I need to justify my life path to others?

      The ‘fairness’ only makes sense when people realize that no one is a victim. No one is more powerful than anyone else, so no one can hold anyone else down. We all have immense resources inside us, that are only accessible if we shift our attitudes.

      Worry about the world and society and other people doing other things automatically takes our energy, attention, and focus off of being better and contributing.

      I don’t know about you, but I know myself 🙂

      I focus on bettering myself, contributing more, and helping the economy — not b****ing about it or nitpicking the choices of others 🙂

  16. Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca says:

    Yanik, this is my first time here, and first comment here, but I have to say — I LOVE THIS.

    I whole-heartedly agree. I’m a massive, unstoppable fan of abundance + resourcefulness. I love humanity and see deep value in every single person 🙂

    Your focus on emotions and abundance is so key, and I’d love more people to be aware of this stuff. Peter Diamandis has an awesome TEDTalk and Joe Polish has a great “I Love Marketing” podcast if anyone’s interested in more of their stuff 🙂

    Mavericks, ryze up! 🙂

  17. Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca says:

    One more mind-blowingly awesome thing — Peter Diamandis with his partner Eric-Anderson shared a press release TODAY, that they’re going to mine asteroids for resources.

    Think about that.

    Now THAT is an abundant thinker who instead of complaining on blog posts, is aiming to help us all by bolstering the economy with fresh streams of resources.

    Whether he succeeds or ‘fails’ – that is so awesome.

    Forbes link below:


  18. Maggie Randolph says:

    i read this book & gave to the CEO of our Company, who, fortunately agreed with the philosophy & attempted to implement the same, with remarkable success. If all CEO’s implement at least 5% of the philosophy explained by Semler, the workplace would be a transformed home, with high energy levels at work! Internal talents would no longer be wasted, buzzwords of management gurus would be meaningless! May the maverick tribe increase in the world.

  19. Thad Colon says:

    i read this book & gave to the CEO of our Company, who, fortunately agreed with the philosophy & attempted to implement the same, with remarkable success. If all CEO’s implement at least 5% of the philosophy explained by Semler, the workplace would be a transformed home, with high energy levels at work! Internal talents would no longer be wasted, buzzwords of management gurus would be meaningless! May the maverick tribe increase in the world.

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